12th Symposium of the AEP Section ‘Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry’
Welcome address by the Minister of Social Affairs, Dr Friedhelm Repnik MdL (Member of the Landtag)
Longitudinal studies of mental health in children and adolescents
The wider social environment and changes in self-reported behaviour from late childhood into early adolescence
Behavioural inhibition in childhood and the development of anxiety disorders and depression in adolescence and young adulthood
Children with psychiatric disorders
Shared social adversity and individual-specific developmental risk factors for poor mental health in children
Childhood abuse experiences in women with severe mental illness
Spouse similarity for psychiatric disorders
Difficulties in applying structural equation models to psychiatric data
Preliminary ADHD-subscale derived from SCL
Inter-informant agreement on anxiety disorders
A new stepwise algorithm (SHVS) improves prediction of help-seeking behaviour
Advantages and limits of an LCA-based approach to assess sensitivity and specificity not requiring an external case criterion
Reliability and validity of the ‘Carers' Needs Assessment Schedule for Schizophrenia’
Performance of a new depression scale in a Brazilian general hospital
Is one question enough? Identifying cases with serious depressive symptoms in the Swiss Household Panel
Superoxide anion production by granulocytes derived from whole blood of schizophrenic patients
Trace elements (copper, zinc) content and superoxide dismutase activity in erythrocytes from schizophrenic patients
Early course and symptom onset in schizophrenia and depression. Results from an age and gender matched controlled study
How patients suffering from schizophrenia perceive the public's stereotype of mental illness
Relation between oestradiol and negative symptoms in men with schizophrenia
Long-term cost of care for schizophrenic patients in Mannheim, Germany - conclusions from 21 years of observation
Risks associated with psychosis
Social development and social disability in schizophrenia, depression and healthy controls. Results from a gender- and age-matched control study
Impact of social phobia on comorbidity patterns, severity and course in patients with bipolar and unipolar mood disorders
Is unfavourable waist circumference associated with mental disorders?
Early vegetative changes during IFN-a-treatment in chronic hepatitis C patients increase the risk for subsequent depressive cognitions
Is eczema associated with anxiety disorder and depression?
Impact of comorbid depression on comorbidity patterns, severity and course in alcohol and heroin addicts
Motivational aspects and vocational rehabilitation outcome for people with schizophrenia – results from a multicentre 2-year follow-up study
Results of medical rehabilitation of young mentally ill adults
German Research Network on schizophrenia
Predictors for false negative PSE in a working population
Mental disorders in a Danish working population
The European day hospital evaluation (EDEN) study
Care of mentally ill homeless men in a rural setting – randomized intervention study based on a full census
Patterns of risperidone prescription
Is need for care assessed with the ‘Camberwell Assessment of Need’ questionnaire a predictor for (changes in) care consumption?
Effects of home psychiatric nursing care in patients with schizophrenia disorder
Compulsory admission of psychiatric inpatients
Quality in health
Patients' experience of being degraded in the admission process to a psychiatric unit
Does migration affect pathways to care? A cross-cultural comparison of pathways to care and compulsory admission among patients with a first episode of psychosis
Post-traumatic stress symptoms among a healthy population exposed to a terrorist attack
Electroconvulsive therapy at a general hospital between 1993 and 2003
Risk interpretation and attitudes towards predictive genetic tests for neuropsychiatric diseases
Size of social network and stigma coping strategies in schizophrenia
Stigma and social support
Placement and treatment of mentally ill offenders
Towards More Effective European Community Care for patients with severe psychosis (MECCA)
Aims and methods of CONNECT (‘Components, organization, costs and outcomes of health care and community based interventions for people with posttraumatic stress following war and conflict in the Balkans’)
Psychiatric network in the CEE region
How are family carers of elderly people supported in different countries? A Pan-European Review
Social disability among the mentally ill in different European countries
Supported employment in Europe
Occupation and mental health
Are anxiety and depression as causes for disability pensioning underestimated? A prospective population-based study
Screening for relevant health problems associated with unemployment
Regional differences in disability pensioning on the basis of psychiatric disorders in Norway
Professions as a psychiatric illness determinant
The incidence of first-onset psychotic symptoms in the non-demented elderly
The association of education and occupational attainment with cognitive impairment and dementia in late life. The Bavarian School Sisters Study
Prevalence and natural course of aging-associated cognitive decline in a population-based sample of young-old individuals
Carers' Needs Assessment Schedule for Dementia (CNA-D)
Determinants of psychotropic drug use in residential and nursing homes
Hallucinatory experiences and onset of psychotic disorder
Adolescents with a pre-existing vulnerability for psychosis are more likely to develop symptoms if they grow up in an urban environment
Deafness or hearing impairment
Psychopathological characteristics in a psychotic onset group and a high-risk group
Cause of death in a sample of schizophrenics in Olmsted County, Minnesota diagnosed between 1950 and 1965
Functional disability and depression in the general population. Results from the Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study (NEMESIS)
Socioeconomic inequality in the use of antidepressants
Education as a predictor for anxiety and depression - a population-based cohort study
The decreasing risk of suicide over a 30-year period after a suicide attempt
Poverty duration and depression
Non-response bias affects estimated prevalences of psychiatric disorders
The Early Recognition Inventory ERIraos
An innovative and reliable way to measure health- related quality of life and mental distress in the deaf community
A decision analysis model to assess the feasibility of the early detection of psychosis in the general population
Filter questions related to psychic and somatic complaints in the Zurich Study
The characteristics and detection of common mental disorders in general practice in Montpellier, France
There is a life after death
Use of mental health services in Europe. Results from the European Study of Epidemiology of Mental Disorders (ESEMeD) Project
12-month comorbidity patterns and risk factors in the European Study of Mental Disorders (ESEMeD/MHEDEA 2000)
Impact of mental disorders on disability and quality of life in Europe
Prevalence of mental disorders in Europe
Having a mentally ill parent
Depression and anxiety in offspring of bipolars and depressives
Developmental and educational conditions of children with a schizophrenic parent
The role of maternal authoritarianism in early childhood in mental health at age 30
The EUNOMIA Project
Forensic patients in Denmark
Conceptual and judicial aspects of criminal responsibility in 15 European Union Member States
Involuntary placement and treatment of mentally ill patients in EU Member States
Pathways to comorbidity
The association between anxiety, depression and somatic symptoms in a large population. The HUNT- study
There is a relation between low blood pressure and anxiety/depression
Psychological distress, physical illness and risk of CHD
Recognition of depression by primary care physicians in Poland
Bipolarity among unipolar affective disorders in Poland – DepBi project
Rumination and distraction
Determinants of quality of life in patients with unipolar depression
Women with anxiety disorders during pregnancy are at increased risk of postnatal depression
Behaviour of the newborn and risk of postnatal depression in the mother
Determinants of seasonal affective disorder
Prevalence of depression among students at Urmia University of Medical Sciences
Anxiety and depressive symptoms in chemically injured Iranian ex-veterans
Sense of coherence in alcoholics' women - spouses who suffered depression and anxiety disorders as adolescents
Cost of care of depressive patients in primary and specialized care in Germany
The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Rating Scale (HADS) as a case finder for anxiety disorder and depression in Norwegian general practices
Ethnocultural determinants of suicide rate
Unusual case of a suicide committed by a female patient who stopped psychiatric treatment
Gender differences in suicidal behaviour
Life events and psychopathology in the group of suicide attempters
Attitudes towards physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia in the Hungarian group (n = 739) of doctors, medical and social students, nurses, crisis and suicidal patients
Assessment of mental disorders among suicide attempters with the MINIPIus Structural Diagnostic Interview
How valid are screening tools for depression among elderly people?
Does the use of psychotropic medication among residents of old age homes increase their risk of falling?
Prevalence and persistence of agitated behaviours among nursing home residents with dementia
Validation of a dementia screening scale used by nurses in old age homes
Implementation of special care units for demented residents in traditional nursing homes
Screening for depression in old age
The co-existence of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Lewy body dementia (LED)
Association of subjective memory loss with current mild cognitive impairment and subsequent occurrence of dementia. A 5-year prospective longitudinal study
Numbers of dementia sufferers in Europe between the years 2000 and 2050
Does atomoxetine treatment improve psychosocial and family functioning in children and adolescents with ADHD?
Are infant regulatory disorders predictive of later hyperkinetic problems in childhood?
Utilization of available resources to reduce parental overload and emotional burden by formation of self-help groups
Effects of gender and age on behavioural associates of habitual snoring in a community sample of 2147 primary school children in Istanbul
Effect of parental occupation and literacy on mental/behavioural disorders of children
Physical appearance and intimate friendship in adolescence
Rolandic spikes affect onset, neuropsychological profile and comorbidity in ADHD
Social and individual risk factors of juvenile alcohol consumption
Predictors of smoking in early adolescence
The development of heavy use of acute inpatient services
Does socioeconomic status affect the use of community-based psychiatric services?
The wider social environment and mental health service use
Costs of psychiatric services in five Italian areas. A multicentric study of a new funding system for community-based mental health services
Pathways to care of first-admitted subjects with psychosis in southwestern France
Psychiatric comorbidity of smoking in adolescence
Impact of comorbid attention deficit hyperactivity disorder on comorbidity patterns and course in patients with opiate dependence
Biological synergism between cannabis use and psychosis liability in young people
Post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders
Prevalence of mental disorders and patterns of drug use in young women
Have there been any changes in the public attitudes towards psychiatric treatment? Results from representative population surveys in Germany in the years 1990 and 2001
The significance and extent of social determinants of mental health
Relationship between daily moods and risk factors for psychopathology in early adolescence
Explanatory models as determinants of the outcome of common mental disorders in primary care
Mental health problems among refugees and asylum seekers from Kosovo
Stress-related and culture-bound psychiatric consequences in Iranian veterans 15 years after the end of the Iran-Iraq war
A new paradigm in behaviour genetics
The impact of mental health on the quality of life
Meeting self-rated needs in order to improve the subjective quality of life
Behavioural sensitization to daily life stress in psychosis
Improvement of quality of life of schizophrenic patients with persistent auditory hallucinations by means of integrated treatment
The impact of mental disorders on objective and subjective quality of life