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Publishing what's important
The challenge of publishing clinically meaningful evidence
On spinning plates
The ‘ Povl’ -itics of editing
The psychiatric journal editor and the future
The role of a scientific journal in psychiatric research
Research and publishing
Clinical science and biomarkers: against RDoC
The editor's dilemma: how DSM politics are turning psychiatry into a pseudoscience
Clinical research for good clinical care
Scientific theory, the publishing crisis and the wisdom of editors
A handmaiden to science: the role of the editor in psychiatric research
The Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica Trainee Advisory Board: education, mentoring, and experience with the editorial process
Training students in research and scientific writing
Povl Munk-Jφrgensen at interview with Gordon Parker
How to help clinically relevant research survive?
The gap between available knowledge and its use in clinical psychiatry
Longitudinal associations between physical activity and depression scores in Swedish women followed 32 years
Long-term suicide risk in no, one or more mental disorders: the Lundby Study 1947–1997
Promoting physical health in severe mental illness: patient and staff perspective
Antipsychotic use and unexpected death: a hospital-based case–control study
Protocol registration and selective outcome reporting in recent psychiatry trials: new antidepressants and cognitive behavioural therapies
Delirious mania of Charles VI of France in the fourteenth century
Seeing the king's frenzy as catatonia
Case of delirious mania in Charles VI