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The importance of understanding the biological mechanisms of trauma
Childhood trauma, family history, and their association with mood disorders in early adulthood
Are mental health services getting better at responding to abuse, assault and neglect?
Childhood psychopathology in children of women with eating disorders
Factors associated with postpartum psychiatric admission in a population‐based cohort of women with schizophrenia
Cumulative dosages of antipsychotic drugs are associated with increased mortality rate in patients with Alzheimer's dementia
Short‐term outcome of substance‐induced psychotic disorder in a large UK first episode psychosis cohort
Distinct resting‐state perfusion patterns underlie psychomotor retardation in unipolar vs. bipolar depression
Abnormal functional–structural cingulum connectivity in mania
Prepulse inhibition in euthymic bipolar disorder patients in comparison with control subjects
Quality of life in stabilized patients with schizophrenia is mainly associated with resilience and self‐esteem
Adulthood revictimization