Issue Information
Clarifying the link between cannabis use and risk for psychosis
Cannabis use and symptom severity in individuals at ultra high risk for psychosis
A systematic review of visual processing and associated treatments in body dysmorphic disorder
International trends in clozapine use
No cognitive‐enhancing effect of GLP‐1 receptor agonism in antipsychotic‐treated, obese patients with schizophrenia
Clinical high risk for psychosis
The association between psychotic experiences and disability
COMT Val158Met and MTHFR C677T moderate risk of schizophrenia in response to childhood adversity
Prenatal and adult androgen activities in alcohol dependence
Deriving ICD‐11 personality disorder domains from dsm‐5 traits
A randomized clinical trial comparing two two‐phase treatment strategies for in‐patients with severe depression
Insula and amygdala resting‐state functional connectivity differentiate bipolar from unipolar depression
Markers of the innate immune system in the cerebrospinal fluid in patients with severe depression
Comment on Anticonvulsants and suicide attempts in bipolar type I disorders