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Horse receiving acupuncture
Acupuncture needle sensation : the emerging evidence
Immediate effect of acupuncture on the sleep pattern of patients with obstructive sleep apnoea
Does needling sensation (de qi) affect treatment outcome in pain? Analysis of data from a larger single-blind, randomised controlled trial
Efficacy of ah shi point acupuncture on acne vulgaris
Health-related quality of life in patients with musculoskeletal complaints in a general acupuncture practice : an observational study
Acupuncture for depression and myalgia in patients with hepatitis : an observational study
Effect of electroacupuncture on the healing process of tibia fracture in a rat model : a randomised controlled trial
Double blinding with a new placebo needle : a further validation study
Heterogeneity in search strategies among Cochrane acupuncture reviews : is there room for improvement?
Temporomandibular dysfunction can contribute to aggravation of tension-type headache : a case report
Summaries and commentaries by Adrian White on a selection of recent acupuncture research studies
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