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Acupuncture for keloid scar
Integrating the results of research on acupuncture for nausea at the research site
Preoperative acupuncture
Acupuncture and heart rate variability
Perioperative acupuncture and postoperative acupressure can prevent postoperative vomiting following paediatric tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy
Randomised, controlled study of preoperative eletroacupuncture for postoperative pain control after cardiac surgery
Acupuncture prevents relapses of recurrent otitis in dogs
The effect of acupuncture on postmenopausal symptoms and reproductive hormones
Improvement of menopausal symptoms with acupuncture not reflected in changes to heart rate variability
Validation of a sham acupuncture procedure in a randomised, controlled clinical trial of chronic pelvic pain treatment
Acupuncture effect on thermal tolerance and electrical pain threshold
Low inter-rater reliability in traditional Chinese medicine for female infertility
Acupuncture for erectile dysfunction in a non-diabetic haemodialysis patient
Does acupuncture help in helping the ones you cannot help? The role of acupuncture in facilitating adaptive processes
Summaries and commentaries by Adrian White on a selection of recent acupuncture studies
Acupuncture for cancer-induced bone pain
Cardioversion as a cause of persistent myofascial trigger points and pain
Letter on whiplash injury
Book review
Training in acupuncture
BMAS Acupuncture Courses
National and international meetings