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Long acupuncture needle broken in the abdomen
Acupuncture can and should be practised safely in civilised social settings
Targeting matrix metalloproteinases in disease conditions
Acupuncture decreases matrix metalloproteinase-2 activity in patients with migraine
Acupuncture for treatment of secondary osteoporosis in patients with spinal cord injury
A feasibility study to examine the role of acupuncture to reduce symptoms of lymphoedema after breast cancer
Motion patterns in acupuncture needle manipulation
Relationship between buckling of acupuncture needles and the handle type
Overview of the relevant literature on the possible role of acupuncture in treating male sexual dysfunction
Quality of reporting of randomised controlled trials of acupuncture for neurological diseases conducted in China
Trigger point-related sympathetic nerve activity in chronic sciatic leg pain
When something is not quite right
Effects of ear acupuncture therapy for obesity on the depression of obese women
Lumbar disc herniation treated with auricular acupuncture
Acupuncture and auricular cryotherapy for chronic headache in a patient with type III von Willebrand disease
Summaries of recent papers
BMAS acupuncture courses