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Somatosensory stimulation and assisted reproduction
Acupuncture's role in tendinopathy: new possibilities
Effect of transcutaneous electrical acupuncture point stimulation on endometrial receptivity in women undergoing frozen-thawed embryo transfer: a single-blind prospective randomised controlled trial
Influence of acupuncture on bioelectrical impedance measures in patients with gastrointestinal cancer: results of a pilot study
Investigation into the effects of using two or four acupuncture needles with bidirectional rotation on experimentally-induced contact heat pain in healthy subjects
Effect of acupuncture at HT7 on heart rate variability: an exploratory study
Different effects of transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation and electroacupuncture at ST36–ST37 on the cerebral cortex
Developing an acupuncture protocol for treating phantom limb pain: a Delphi consensus study
Acupuncture increases the diameter and reorganisation of collagen fibrils during rat tendon healing
The effect of electroacupuncture on tendon repair in a rat Achilles tendon rupture model
Contributions of nitric oxide and prostaglandins to the local increase in muscle blood flow following manual acupuncture in rats
Acupuncture points in the book of Şerefeddin Sabuncuoğlu, a 15th century Turkish physician
Summaries of recent papers
Magic for mastalgia with HT7
Use of NADA ear acupuncture in an adolescent patient with phantom limb pain after surgery for osteosarcoma
Acupuncture for knee osteoarthritis: study by Hinman et al represents missed opportunities
Acupuncture for chronic knee pain: a randomised clinical trial. Authors' reply
Acupuncture for IVF and assisted reproduction. An integrated approach to treatment and management
BMAS acupuncture courses