Selected Case From the Arkadi M. Rywlin International Pathology Slide Seminar: Benign Warthin Tumor of the Thyroid

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We report on an exceedingly rare lesion of the thyroid probably of a branchial cleft origin, which was not published in the world literature before. A 58-year-old woman underwent a total thyroidectomy for bilateral goiter. Grossly, there was one yellowish nodule sized 15 mm in the largest dimension found in the right lobe. Microscopically, the thyroid parenchyma showed signs of Hashimoto thyroiditis. The nodule in the right lobe was composed of a part of solid cell nests appearance, another part resembling a branchial cleft cyst, and a part resembling Warthin tumor. This lesion may belong to the histogenetically similar group of entities in the head and neck region which are derived from branchial cleft derivatives and which, under the inflammatory influence, have the ability to a cystic dilatation and proliferation of the epithelial component. The epithelium can afterwards become papillary and may undergo oncocytic transformation, thus gaining features that impart the resemblance of a Warthin tumor. Club members generally agreed with a submitted diagnosis of benign Warthin tumor of the thyroid.

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