Physical and neurodevelopmental outcomes in children with single-ventricle circulation

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To investigate longer-term physical and neurodevelopmental outcomes of patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) compared with other patients with functionally single-ventricle circulation surviving beyond the age of 10 years.


A retrospective, observational study from a UK tertiary centre for paediatric cardiology.


58 patients with HLHS and 44 non-HLHS patients with single-ventricle physiology were included. Subjective reduction in exercise tolerance was reported in 72% (95% CI 61% to 84%) of patients with HLHS and 45% (31% to 60%) non-HLHS patients. Compared with non-HLHS patients, educational concerns were reported more frequently in patients with HLHS, 41% (29% to 54%) vs 23% (10% to 35%), as was a diagnosis of a behaviour disorder (autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) 12% (4% to 21%) vs 0%, and referral to other specialist services 67% (55% to 79%) vs 48% (33% to 63%).


Within a group of young people with complex congenital heart disease, those with HLHS are likely to have worse physical, psychological and educational outcomes.

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