P8 Allergic rhinitis – its presence in dracevo and wider area monitored from 2006–2016

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Allergic rhinitis is a frequent atopic disease that appears with children from one year of age and above with seasonal character, but it might not be related to the seasons. The children are prone to infections on the upper respiratory organs. Frequently AR is followed up by obstructive bronchitis or asthma, in the scope of the sinobronchial syndrome with the small children.

Methods and results

The Health Cards, reports from the Children`s Clinic and IBH Kozle were used. This study has been made on 2000 children from 1–14 years of age. Microbiologic analysis has been performed (nose and throat), eosinophils from the nasal glair, specific IgE, ultrasound of sinuses in the cases of older children, blood count, SE, CRP etc.

Methods and results

RA is proven with eosinophilia in the nose, recurrent nasal obstruction which is an obstacle for the child during its sleep and everyday life. The treatment includes local decongestants, nasal corticosteroids sprays, as Flixonase(fluticasone propionate) and it can be used from the earliest childhood and further on.


From 2006 to 2016 with diagnosis of RA, 700 children have been treated and in 389 cases there was a positive response with even a short use of nasal corticosteroids spray- fluticasone propionate, while the remaining had to be completed with antihistamines (Loratadine, Letizen). In the last few years also the very bad quality of the breathing air is suspected to be another reason for the increased AR.

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