P20 Frequency and the most common allergenes in pediatritian’s office

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An allergen is a substance thatingested gives rise to the corresponding specific antibodies in the body fluids or in the cells and thus on the specific way of changing the reactivity of the organism.


The goal of this research was to establish thefrequency and the most frequently allergens in one paediatric’spractice.

Material and method

Analysis of 1667 electronic medical records of children in their chosen paediatrician’s office.


Out of 1667 children (389/23.3%) children haveallergies;198 boys and 191 girls.Among them 194 (11.6%) boys and 169 (10.1%) girls have inhaled allergies and 22girls (1.3%) and 4 boys (0.23%)have food allergies. Allergy to Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus is diagnosed in 57boys (3.4%) and 46girls (2.7%), grass pollens and house dust allergy in 47boys (2.8%)and 36 girls (2.1%). Allergy to house dust is diagnosed in 23boys (1.4%)and 21 girls (1.25%),weeds pollen allergy in14 boys (0.8%)and 13 girls (0.77%), and tree pollen allergy in9 boys (0,5%)and 11 girls (0,65%).Allergy to Phleum pratensae is diagnosed in10girls (0.6%)and 7boys (0.4%),Ambrosia elatior in 9 boys (0.5%)and 11 girls (0.65%),Artemisia vulgaris in 8boys(0.47%) and 7girls (0.4%),Betula verucosa in 4boys (0.2%) and 8girls (0.47%). Animal dander allergy was diagnosed in 2 boys (0.1%)and 8 girls (0.47%), mould fungus in 2 boys (0.1%)and 1girl (0.05%). Two girls have tobacco allergy. One boy and 5 girls (0.29%)are allergic to egg white (0.05%) while 2 boys (0.1%) and 6 girls (0.35%) are allergic to peanut. One girl has allergy to chocolate, cow’s milk, chicken, wheat flour and banana (0.05%), but only one boy to beans (0.05% ).


Allergy is almost equally present in both sexes.Inhaled allergies are more prevalent in boys, nutritional in girls.Boys are more often allergic to Dermatophagoides, house dust,grass pollens,weed pollen, mould fungi,Phleum pratensae and Artemisia. Girls are more often allergic to tree pollen,Ambrosia,Betula and animal dander. Only one child per sex has allergies to, egg whites, chocolate and beans (boy); chocolate,cow’s milk,chicken,wheat flour and banana (girls). Most of them are sensitive to Dermatophagoides, pollens (grass,weeds,tree/house dust,Phleum pratensae,and the least to chocolate,cow’s milk,chicken,wheat flour and banana. Two girls have tobacco allergy.

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