P28 Cerebral malformations diagnosed and supervised in paediatric clinic ii, craiova, romania

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there were 87 patients with brain malformations in the study. The types of defects noted: microcephaly: 46; hydrocephalus: 21; pellucida/arachnoid septum cyst : 3 and 3; cave of septum pellucidum: 1; right cerebral hemisphere atrophy-1; agenesis of the corpus callosum-1, Dandy Walker syndrome-1; periventricular cysts-1; mirror movement disorder(splitting cerebral) −1, holoprosencephaly-1. The outcome was lethal to 12 children in the reviewed period, others were transferred, but 7 patients with myelomeningocele and hydrocephalus were operated successfully.


Surgical treatments improved survival rate in case of congenital cranial defects, as demonstrated by this study.

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