P188 Association of polymorphism of the angiotensin-converting enzyme gene (ACE) with essential hypertension and obesity in children

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The investigated group included 120 children with obesity/overweight at the age of 10–18 years (n=62; 51,67% hypertensives and n=58; 48,33% -normotensives) and their parents. Control group included 50 normotensives with normal weigh of the similar age – 26 boys and 24 girls and parents without antecedents of arterial hypertension and obesity. The study protocol was approved by the Medical Ethics Committee. The I/D polymorphisms of the ACE gene were determined by RFLP (restriction fragment length polymorphism) and restriction analysis.


Hypertensive children with obesity/overweight were preponderant carriers of the genotype DD (51,6%) and ID (41,9%) of ACE, normotensives with overweight/obesity – carriers of ID genotype (65,5%), but children from the control group were preponderant carriers of the genotype II (62,0%). Thus homo/heterozygous children according to D allele are more likely to develop arterial hypertension (OR 23,66; 95% CI: 6,74–91,51; p<0,001) and obesity (OR 6,97; 95% CI: 2,70–18,41; p<0,001) in comparison with the homozygous children according to I allele. In parents of the children with overweight/obesity both hypertensive and normotensive genotype ID was registered, but in the parents of the control group – genotype II. Hypertensive children, carriers of the genotype DD had higher values of body mass index (33,3±1,13 vs 28,9±0,86; p<0,001) and waist circumference (102,8±2,43 vs 94,0±5,10 cm; p<0,001) as compared to normotensives. An advanced grade of obesity, especially abdominal, was as well diagnosed in hypertensive children whose mothers were the carriers of the genotype DD and at children whose fathers were homo/heterozygous according to D allele.


Carrying of homo/heterozygote of D allele of ACE in children and parents is associated with the higher risk of the realisation of the arterial hypertension and obesity.

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