P281 Incredibly increasing the percentage of immunisation coverage of children born in 2015 purchase of acellar vaccines instead of cellar vaccines

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Vaccination is essential for a daily supplement of children’s health. Irregular supplying modern high-quality vaccinations in 2015 sparked a boycott of the parents and the negative effect of the anti-vaccination movement. Regular supplying and purchasing acellular vaccine instead of the cellular vaccine resulted in a significant increase in vaccination.


The purpose is to show a lot of improvement in the percentage of vaccination during only one year.


The work includes all cards of children born in 2015 vaccinated immunisation coverage Di-Te-Per whether in a cellular form in 2015 or in the form of complex acellular vaccine in 2016 for the same year. In consideration had taken only children with medical records, means 504 medical records at the dispensary Vrazova Centre and 122 medical card in the local subunit Podhrastovi.


Authors have calculated the percentage of vaccination of children born in 2015 in the municipality of Centar in the paediatric outpatient clinic for primary care and paediatric outpatient unit Podhrastovi. Thus, it was determined that 33.33% (168) of children vaccinated immunisation coverage Di-Te -Per in 2015 in the paediatric outpatient dispensary Centar Vrazova, and 26.23% (32) in the paediatric office unit Podhrastovi children born that 2015 during 2016. The following 2016 purchase of acellular complex Tetraxim and Pentaxim vaccine that is the percentage increasing to 86.11% (433) in the dispensary and 90.98% (111) at the primary office Podhrastovi for paediatric primary care.


Providing contemporary immunisation coverage for Di-Te-Per or acellular form instead celullar percentage vaccination is increased percentage over three to four times as a result of admirable.

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