P298 Delayed speech development in preschool children. causes, principles of treatment

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recently, a rapidly increasing number of children with speech development delay as slurred speech or complete lack thereof. Mostly this pathology is diagnosed in children under the age of 3 years. Early diagnosis of delayed speech development in children improves the efficiency of therapeutic interventions.


To evaluate the effectiveness of the integrated application of medical-pedagogical activities in children with delayed speech development.

Materials and methods

under our supervision were 50 children from 1 to 3 years, with various forms of delay speech development, among which 87% had a combination of biological and social handicap anamnesises, 31% identified socio-pedagogical reasons for speech pathology. The diagnosis of speech development delay ‘exhibited after a comprehensive survey, which includes an assessment of the factors determining the State of health, his characterising factors, determination of the level of physical and mental development, resistance, presence of functional abnormalities and chronic pathologies. All surveyed children were divided into 3 groups depending on the choice of the set of corrective measures.


when evaluating different methods of correction delayed speech development group, it was found that children who used medication, used speech therapy and educational classes, created favourable language wednesday, quickly achieved a positive result in the form of restoration of diction, intellectual abilities, as well as vocabulary building, unlike other groups where not used the integrated use of techniques.


an integrated programme developed individual milestone (depending on the nature of the violations and the degree of gravity of the pathological process) medical-pedagogical activities allowed effectively improve integrative brain capacity (memory, attention, ability to learn).

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