E2.3 Virtual reality mri scan project & vr morgan stanley garden project

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I am an Ex-GOSH patient and was treated there for a number of conditions over 17–18 years. I am using my history of being at Hospital, with my knowledge of 3D animation and Games to create relaxing and reassuring projects primarily for young Hospital Patients at GOSH to improve patient experienceI have created 2 VR projects at my time at University. One of those is a Virtual Reality Animation of an MRI scan. The VR project shows the procedure that the patient will go through so they are aware and informed about the whole process, and are less anxious beforehand. The patient is taken through the procedure by the animated Radiographer and voiceover narrative. Later on in the project, the sea-life emerge and swim around the patient, creating a calming and relaxing experience.My 2nd project is a Virtual Reality Garden experience based on the Morgan Stanley Garden at GOSH, designed for patients on isolated wards who do not have the opportunity to leave their room. I am bringing the Garden to them through the use of VR.The patient is sitting in the Morgan Stanley Garden, which comes alive in VR. For the duration of the experience, animals deliver reassuring and thoughtful letters that have been written my former patients. Having been a patient on isolated wards myself, I have experienced not being able to go outside of the hospital room. Therefore, bringing the Garden to the patients through VR would surpass the issue of being in isolation, albeit for a short while.My years spent at GOSH means that I now wish to give back, which involves creating projects that have a positive impact on people and improve patient experience. The patients are the main focus of everything I do.Websitehttp://www.costapanayi.wordpress.com

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