An integrated genome research network for studying the genetics of alcohol addiction
A second-order schedule of food reinforcement in rats to examine the role of CB1 receptors in the reinforcement-enhancing effects of nicotine
Second-order schedules of nicotine reinforcement in rats: effect of AM251
The neurotrophic factor pleiotrophin modulates amphetamine-seeking behaviour and amphetamine-induced neurotoxic effects: evidence from pleiotrophin knockout mice
Neurotoxicity and persistent cognitive deficits induced by combined MDMA and alcohol exposure in adolescent rats
Noribogaine, but not 18-MC, exhibits similar actions as ibogaine on GDNF expression and ethanol self-administration
Implication of dopaminergic projection from the ventral tegmental area to the anterior cingulate cortex in μ-opioid-induced place preference
Systemically administered oxytocin decreases methamphetamine activation of the subthalamic nucleus and accumbens core and stimulates oxytocinergic neurons in the hypothalamus
Differential region-specific regulation of α4β2* nAChRs by self-administered and non-contingent nicotine in C57BL/6J mice
Smoking withdrawal shifts the spatiotemporal dynamics of neurocognition
Brain activation patterns associated with cue reactivity and craving in abstinent problem gamblers, heavy smokers and healthy controls: an fMRI study
Altered neural response of the appetitive emotional system in cocaine addiction: an fMRI Study