Galantamine attenuates reinstatement of cue-induced methamphetamine-seeking behavior in mice
Differential effect of beta-adrenergic receptor antagonism in basolateral amygdala on reconsolidation of aversive and appetitive memories associated with morphine in rats
Baclofen effects on alcohol seeking, self-administration and extinction of seeking responses in a within-session design in baboons
Binge-like ethanol consumption increases corticosterone levels and neurodegneration whereas occupancy of type II glucocorticoid receptors with mifepristone is neuroprotective
Effects of adolescent nicotine exposure and withdrawal on intravenous cocaine self-administration during adulthood in male C57BL/6J mice
Modafinil attenuates reinstatement of cocaine seeking: role for cystine–glutamate exchange and metabotropic glutamate receptors
Involving the cerebellum in cocaine-induced memory: pattern of cFos expression in mice trained to acquire conditioned preference for cocaine
Relapse to cocaine-seeking after abstinence is regulated by cAMP-dependent protein kinase A in the prefrontal cortex
The role of ventral and dorsal striatum mGluR5 in relapse to cocaine-seeking and extinction learning
Comparative gene expression profiling analysis of lymphoblastoid cells reveals neuron-specific enolase gene ( ENO2 ) as a susceptibility gene of heroin dependence
Association of OPRD1 polymorphisms with heroin dependence in a large case-control series
Ventral midbrain correlation between genetic variation and expression of the dopamine transporter gene in cocaine-abusing versus non-abusing subjects
Interactive effects of chronic cigarette smoking and age on brain volumes in controls and alcohol-dependent individuals in early abstinence