Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) is an endogenous protector in the mesolimbic system against excessive alcohol consumption and relapse
MT-7716, a potent NOP receptor agonist, preferentially reduces ethanol seeking and reinforcement in post-dependent rats
Impaired contextual fear extinction and hippocampal synaptic plasticity in adult rats induced by prenatal morphine exposure
Involvement of reactive oxygen species in cocaine-taking behaviors in rats
The histone deacetylase inhibitor sodium butyrate decreases excessive ethanol intake in dependent animals
Effect of yohimbine on reinstatement of operant responding in rats is dependent on cue contingency but not food reward history
The galanin receptor agonist, galnon, attenuates cocaine-induced reinstatement and dopamine overflow in the frontal cortex
Subchronic administration of atomoxetine causes an enduring reduction in context-induced relapse to cocaine seeking without affecting impulsive decision making
Involvement of μ- and δ-opioid receptor function in the rewarding effect of (±)-pentazocine
Methods for inducing alcohol craving in individuals with co-morbid alcohol dependence and posttraumatic stress disorder: behavioral and physiological outcomes
Sleep changes in smokers before, during and 3 months after nicotine withdrawal
Plasma profile of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines in cocaine users under outpatient treatment: influence of cocaine symptom severity and psychiatric co-morbidity
The endocannabinoid system is altered in the post-mortem prefrontal cortex of alcoholic subjects
Abuse potential of intranasal buprenorphine versus buprenorphine/naloxone in buprenorphine-maintained heroin users
The prefrontal dysfunction in individuals with Internet gaming disorder: a meta-analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging studies
Altered brain functional networks in heavy smokers
Effects of childhood maltreatment on the neural correlates of stress- and drug cue-induced cocaine craving
Nicotine enhances modulation of food-cue reactivity by leptin and ghrelin in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex