Substituted Cathinone Products
Intranasal Substituted Cathinone “Bath Salts” Psychosis Potentially Exacerbated by Diphenhydramine
Addiction to Propofol
Opiate-Dependent Patients on a Waiting List for Methadone Maintenance Treatment Are at High Risk for Mortality Until Treatment Entry
Onset of Cocaine Use
Spirituality-Based Recovery From Drug Addiction in the Twelve-Step Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous
Assessment of Alcohol Withdrawal in Native American Patients Utilizing the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment of Alcohol Revised Scale
Cytokine Profiles in Long-Term Smokers of Opium (Taryak)
Screening for Unhealthy Alcohol and Other Drug Use by Health Educators
Buprenorphine and Medication Management in a Community Corrections Population
Intravenous Bupropion
Clonidine Abuse in a Methadone-Maintained, Clonazepam-Abusing Patient
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