Utilization of Evidence-Based Smoking Cessation Treatments by Psychiatric Inpatient Smokers With Depression
Observational Study on Medications Prescribed to Dual-Diagnosis Outpatients
The Relation Between Smoking Status and Medical Conditions Among Incarcerated Adults
Evaluation of an Electronic Medical Record System at an Opioid Agonist Treatment Program
Multiple and Substitute Addictions Involving Prescription Drugs Misuse Among 12th Graders
Transient Cocaine-Induced Chest Pain
Does Dual Diagnosis Affect Violence and Moderate/Superficial Self-harm in Heroin Addiction at Treatment Entry?
Patterns of Brain Activation During Craving in Heroin Dependents Successfully Treated by Methadone Maintenance and Abstinence-Based Treatments
Cannabis Use Expectancies Mediate the Relation Between Depressive Symptoms and Cannabis Use Among Cannabis-Dependent Veterans
Motivation as a Predictor of Drinking Outcomes After Residential Treatment Programs for Alcohol Dependence
Association of Race and Age With Treatment Attendance and Completion Among Adult Marijuana Users in Community-Based Substance Abuse Treatment
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