Science and Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes
Stimulant Dependence and Stimulant-Associated Psychosis
Hepatitis C Virus–Related Knowledge and Willingness to Receive Treatment Among Patients on Methadone Maintenance
A Review of Guidelines on Home Drug Testing Web Sites for Parents
Powder and Crack Cocaine Use Among Opioid Users
Longitudinal Assessment of Mental Disorders, Smoking, and Hazardous Drinking Among a Population-Based Cohort of US Service Members
Associations Between Problematic Internet Use and Adolescents' Physical and Psychological Symptoms
Understanding the Dangers of Synthetic Cannabinoids
Intravenous Administration and Abuse of Bupropion
DRD2-Related TaqIA Genotype Is Associated With Dopamine Release During a Gambling Task
Methadone Maintenance
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