From Paris to Stockholm
State-dependent learning for alcohol-dependent people
A paper which must be withdrawn from publication
Conversation with David Penington
Heroin overdose
Study of 2708 heroin-related deaths in north-eastern Italy 1985–98 to establish the main causes of death
Ecstasy pill testing
Attrition prevention with individuals awaiting publicly funded drug treatment
Cue exposure with coping skills training and communication skills training for alcohol dependence
The influence of sensitivity to reward on reactivity to alcohol-related cues
The reliability of self-reported age of onset of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drug use
Pre-pregnancy drinking
Needle fixation—what is the prevalence?
Of needles, rituals, and injection behaviours
In dance scene drug surveys the sampling matters
Clarification on sampling of dance event drug use
Joint heavy use of alcohol, cigarettes and coffee and the risk of suicide
Alcohol dependence treatment in Brazilian perspective
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