Opioid maintenance in European prisons: is the treatment gap closing?
Addictionology as biography: one hundred ways to have a successful career in addiction science
The diversion and misuse of pharmaceutical stimulants: what do we know and why should we care?
Current status of alcohol marketing policy—an urgent challenge for global governance
Addiction and the science of history
Conversation with Robin Room
The effectiveness of opioid maintenance treatment in prison settings: a systematic review
Trends in adolescent alcohol use: effects of age, sex and cohort on prevalence and heritability
Commentary on Geels et al . (2012): The search for G spurs questions about E
The impact of small changes in bar closing hours on violence. The Norwegian experience from 18 cities
Commentary on Rossow and Norström (2012): When should bars close?
Relationship between personality change and the onset and course of alcohol dependence in young adulthood
The association between the incidence of emergency department attendances for alcohol problems and assault incidents attended by police in New South Wales, Australia, 2003–2008: a time–series analysis
Alcohol brand appearances in US popular music
The relationship between childhood depressive symptoms and problem alcohol use in early adolescence: findings from a large longitudinal population-based study
Seeking Safety treatment for male veterans with a substance use disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder symptomatology
Transition from first illicit drug use to first injection drug use among rural Appalachian drug users: a cross-sectional comparison and retrospective survival analysis
Commentary on Young & Havens (2012): A policymaker's perspective on drug use in Appalachia
Psychiatric comorbidity and the persistence of drug use disorders in the United States
Drug use in rural China: a preliminary investigation in Hunan Province
The effect of hepatitis C treatment and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) co-infection on the disease burden of hepatitis C among injecting drug users in Amsterdam
Deep brain stimulation compared with methadone maintenance for the treatment of heroin dependence: a threshold and cost-effectiveness analysis
Eating patterns among heroin users: a qualitative study with implications for nutritional interventions
Impact of in-patient research participation on subsequent heroin use patterns: implications for ethics and public health
Evidence of increasing age of onset of cannabis use among younger Australians
Cost-effectiveness of tobacco control policies in Vietnam: the case of personal smoking cessation support
Commentary on Higashi & Barendregt (2012): Smoking cessation therapies in Vietnam
How much unsuccessful quitting activity is going on among adult smokers? Data from the International Tobacco Control Four Country cohort survey
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