Compulsory detention, forced detoxification and enforced labour are not ethically acceptable or effective ways to treat addiction
Controlling new drugs under marketing regulations
Against Excess
New Zealand to establish fit for purpose regulation for new psychoactive substances
The dangerous charms of the unknown
Supply always comes on the heels of demand: what effects do control strategies have on drug users themselves?
Conversation with Lorraine Midanik
How transparent is behavioral intervention research on pathological gambling and other gambling-related disorders? A systematic literature review
Evidence of HIV epidemics among non-injecting drug users in Iran: a systematic review
Automatic processes in at-risk adolescents: the role of alcohol-approach tendencies and response inhibition in drinking behavior
Life-time drinking course of driving-while-impaired offenders
The changing gender gap in substance use disorder: a total population-based study of psychiatric in-patients
Commentary on Steingrimsson et al . (2012): An equal right to addiction
Associations between substance use disorders and major depression in parents and late adolescent–emerging adult offspring: an adoption study
Mediational relations between 12-Step attendance, depression and substance use in patients with comorbid substance dependence and major depression
Can needle and syringe programmes and opiate substitution therapy achieve substantial reductions in hepatitis C virus prevalence? Model projections for different epidemic settings
Commentary on Vickerman et al . (2012): Reducing hepatitis C virus among injection drug users through harm reduction programs
Evaluating the impact of community-based treatment options on methamphetamine use: findings from the Methamphetamine Treatment Evaluation Study (MATES)
England's legislation on smoking in indoor public places and work-places: impact on the most exposed children
Commentary on Sims et al . (2012): A timely response to the impact of smoke-free public places on the most exposed children
CHRNB3 is more strongly associated with Fagerström Test for Cigarette Dependence-based nicotine dependence than cigarettes per day: phenotype definition changes genome-wide association studies results
Does it matter who you see to help you stop smoking? Short-term quit rates across specialist stop smoking practitioners in England
Beliefs about the harms of long-term use of nicotine replacement therapy: perceptions of smokers in England
The impact of media campaigns on smoking cessation activity: a structural vector autoregression analysis
Methadone treatment centers and crime
A response to Mooney (2012)
No quick fix for legal highs
Consumer safety in the public interest
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