Addiction Volume 107 Contents
The UK Responsibility Deal and its implications for effective alcohol policy in the UK and internationally
Priorities for tobacco control research in India
Direct-to-consumer genetic testing for addiction susceptibility: a premature commercialisation of doubtful validity and value
Consumer genetics and addiction susceptibility testing—just what the consumer ordered
Debating the clinical utility of direct-to-consumer genetic testing for addiction susceptibility
Testing times
Addiction science, meet translational genomics
Response to commentaries: Slowing down the rush to translation in personal genomics
Gambling in Britain: the application of restraint erosion theory
Racial/ethnic disparities in HIV infection among people who inject drugs: an international systematic review and meta-analysis
Commentary on Des Jarlais et al . (2012): Are ethnic disparities in drug policy-related harms relevant to the addiction medicine community?
Development and preliminary validation of an indirect screener for drug use in the perinatal period
Commentary on Ondersma et al . (2012): Beyond the quest for the perfect test—drug use screening in pregnancy
Acute alcohol effects on impulsivity: associations with drinking and driving behavior
Commentary on McCarthy et al . (2012): Understanding how alcohol affects decisions to drive while intoxicated—the need to deconstruct impulsivity
Association of alcohol dehydrogenase polymorphisms and life-style factors with excessive alcohol intake within the Spanish population (EPIC-Spain)
Drinking habits and disability retirement
Sequence of alcohol involvement from early onset to young adult alcohol abuse: differential predictors and moderation by family-focused preventive intervention
Randomized controlled trial of a novel cannabis use intervention delivered by telephone
Commentary on Gates et al . (2012): Telehealth services to extend the reach of care involve more than using a telephone for intervention delivery
Risk adjustment of heroin treatment outcomes for comparative performance assessment in England
Correlates of benzodiazepine dependence in the Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety
Effectiveness of web-based tailored smoking cessation advice reports (iQuit): a randomized trial
High-resolution behavioral economic analysis of cigarette demand to inform tax policy
Who is most susceptible to movie smoking effects? Exploring the impacts of race and socio-economic status
Prevalence of pathological internet use among adolescents in Europe: demographic and social factors
Commentary on Durkee et al . (2012): Adolescents in a webbed world
Griffith Edwards (1928–2012)
100 Years Ago in Addiction Science
News and Notes