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An international legal strategy for alcohol control: not a framework convention—at least not yet
Healthy is as healthy does: Where will a voluntary code get us on international alcohol control?
On delaying a Framework Convention on Alcohol Control: Regrettably agreeing but calling for strategic action to accelerate the process
Alternative legal strategies for alcohol control: not a framework convention—at least not right now
A global frame is already in place
Twenty-first century international lawmaking for alcohol control
Gambling in Taiwan: problems, research and policy
Prospects for scaling-up supervised injection facilities in Canada: the role of evidence in legal and political decision-making
Transportation into narrative worlds: implications for entertainment media influences on tobacco use
Commentary on Green & Clark (2013): ‘I don't believe the effects of that picture will ever wear off’ – film narratives as instigators of smoking, drinking and other worrisome behaviour
A systematic review of the relationships between family functioning, pubertal timing and adolescent substance use
Motivational typologies of drinkers: do enhancement and coping drinkers form two distinct groups?
Commentary on Littlefield et al . (2013): Enhancement and coping drinkers—non-existent or difficult to find?
Working memory ability predicts trajectories of early alcohol use in adolescents: the mediational role of impulsivity
Early life socio-economic position and later alcohol use: birth cohort study
The mediating role of alcohol-related memory associations on the relation between perceived parental drinking and the onset of adolescents' alcohol use
Acute toxicity due to the confirmed consumption of synthetic cannabinoids: clinical and laboratory findings
Commentary on Hermanns-Clausen et al . (2013): Spicing things up – the emerging phenomenon of synthetic cannabinoid use
Gender differences in the presence of drugs in violent deaths
Profiles of illicit drug use during annual key holiday and control periods in Australia: wastewater analysis in an urban, a semi-rural and a vacation area
Deficits in social perception in opioid maintenance patients, abstinent opioid users and non-opioid users
An empirical evaluation of proposed changes for gambling diagnosis in the DSM-5
Commentary on Petry et al . (2013): Actus Reus – why it matters to pathological gambling treatment
Egocentric social network analysis of pathological gambling
Problematic computer game use among adolescents, younger and older adults
Commentary on Festl et al . (2013): Gaming addiction – how far have we come, and how much further do we need to go?
Population impact of reimbursement for smoking cessation: a natural experiment in the Netherlands
Commentary on Willemsen et al . (2013): Increasing demand for smoking cessation on a national level
Racial differences in the relationship between tobacco dependence and nicotine and carcinogen exposure
Population-level effects of automated smoking cessation help programs: a randomized controlled trial
Social relationships and subsequent health-related behaviours: linkages between adolescent peer status and levels of adult smoking in a Stockholm cohort
Dating and substance use in adolescent peer networks: a replication and extension
Avram Goldstein, 1919–2012
Compulsory detention in addiction treatment
Response to Reitan
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