Opioid addiction agonist therapy and the QT prolongation phenomenon: state of the science and evolving research questions
Addiction Journal Club
Peak provoked craving: an alternative to smoking cue-reactivity
Parsing peak provoked craving
Will peak provoked craving prove superior to cue–reactivity?
Measuring craving for cigarettes: Should we measure more than just craving?
Peak-provoked craving deserves a seat at the research table
National gambling experiences in the United States: will history repeat itself?
Are the 1976–1985 birth cohorts heavier drinkers? Age-period-cohort analyses of the National Alcohol Surveys 1979–2010
Commentary on Kerr et al . (2013): The ‘French Paradox’ versus binge drinking
Population drinking and drink driving in Norway and Sweden: an analysis of historical data 1957–89
The relationship between minimum alcohol prices, outlet densities and alcohol-attributable deaths in British Columbia, 2002–09
Decline in incidence of HIV and hepatitis C virus infection among injecting drug users in Amsterdam; evidence for harm reduction?
Commentary on de Vos et al . (2013): Can ecological trends in HIV or HCV incidence be used to assess intervention impact?
A randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of venlafaxine-extended release for co-occurring cannabis dependence and depressive disorders
A comparison among tapentadol tamper-resistant formulations (TRF) and OxyContin® (non-TRF) in prescription opioid abusers
A prospective study of neurocognitive changes 15 years after chronic inhalant abuse
‘Vaping’ profiles and preferences: an online survey of electronic cigarette users
Commentary on Dawkins et al . (2013): The current legislation on nicotine causes millions of deaths—it has to change
Tobacco dependence diagnosis and treatment in Veterans Health Administration residential substance use disorder treatment programs
Motivational interviewing to enhance nicotine patch treatment for smoking cessation among homeless smokers: a randomized controlled trial
Which elements of improvement collaboratives are most effective? A cluster-randomized trial
Commentary on Gustafson et al . (2013): Can we know that addiction treatment has been improved without evidence of better patient outcomes?
Harold A. Mulford Jr, 1922–2012
A critique of Minozzi et al .'s pain relief and dependence systematic review, and authors' response
Authors' response
Misleading UK alcohol industry criticism of Canadian research on minimum pricing
The future of drug and alcohol libraries
Managing opioid dependence treatment and controlling for HIV incidence among injecting drug users in Greece: a case study of optimism in the face of adversity
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