West Africa's drug trade: reasons for concern and hope
To what extent should waterpipe tobacco smoking become a public health priority?
What can waterpipe tobacco smoking teach us about the need for a more rapid response to emerging non-communicable disease risks?
Are waterpipe users tobacco-dependent?
The importance of addressing waterpipe tobacco smoking: research and policy responses
Vested Interests in Addiction Research and Policy. Is the alcohol industry delaying government action on alcohol health warning labels in Australia?
Conversation with Judith Mackay
Alcohol consumption and self-reported (SF12) physical and mental health among working-aged men in a typical Russian city: a cross-sectional study
Commentary on Dissing et al . (2013): How should we understand the links between alcohol consumption and health?
Multiple behavioural impulsivity tasks predict prospective alcohol involvement in adolescents
Predicting steep escalations in alcohol use over the teenage years: age-related variations in key social influences
The impact of hazardous drinking on suicide among working-age Russian males: an individual-level analysis
Managing psychiatric comorbidity within versus outside of methadone treatment settings: a randomized and controlled evaluation
Commentary on Brooner et al . (2013): One-stop shopping—what sells and what doesn't
Driving under the influence (DUI) among patients in opioid maintenance treatment (OMT): a registry-based national cohort study
Sensitivity and specificity of a procedure for early human screening of novel smoking cessation medications
Effects of reward and punishment on brain activations associated with inhibitory control in cigarette smokers
Association between smoking cessation and short-term health-care use: results from an international prospective cohort study (ATTEMPT)
The prevalence, predictors and associated health outcomes of high nicotine dependence using three measures among US smokers
Characterizing tobacco control mass media campaigns in England
Homelessness, cigarette smoking and desire to quit: results from a US national study
Snus use and cardiovascular risk factors in the general population: the HUNT3 study
On French and American paradoxes
A curious case of the World Health Organization's (WHO) approach on alcohol use disorders—inferences from the WHO list of essential drugs
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