Is deep brain stimulation a treatment option for addiction?
Guidance for reporting qualitative manuscripts
The concentration of the global alcohol industry and its penetration in the African region
The influence of industry actions on the availability of alcoholic beverages in the African region
Influence of different drugs on HIV risk in people who inject: systematic review and meta-analysis
Delineating prototypical patterns of substance use initiations over time
Alcohol consumption in adolescent homicide victims in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa
Factors associated with over-serving at drinking establishments
The impact of friends on young adults’ drinking over the course of the evening—an event-level analysis
A longitudinal study of the association of adolescent polydrug use, alcohol use and high school non-completion
Benzodiazepine use among mothers of small children: a register-based cohort study
Commentary on Raitasalo et al . (2015): The great potential in nation-wide registers to study prescription drug use and abuse
A longitudinal comparison of retention in buprenorphine and methadone treatment for opioid dependence in New South Wales, Australia
Commentary on Burns et al . (2015): Retention in buprenorphine treatment
Adolescent cannabis and tobacco use and educational outcomes at age 16: birth cohort study
First- versus second-generation electronic cigarettes: predictors of choice and effects on urge to smoke and withdrawal symptoms
Commentary on Dawkins et al . (2015): Electronic cigarettes – from smoking cessation to smoking sensation and back
Financial incentives for smoking cessation in pregnancy: a single-arm intervention study assessing cessation and gaming
Rewarding smoking cessation in pregnancy-will women cheat to gain incentives?
Continuing efforts to improve cessation outcomes with pregnant cigarette smokers
Exposure to point-of-sale displays and changes in susceptibility to smoking: findings from a cohort study of school students
Adolescents’ exposure to tobacco and alcohol content in YouTube music videos
Dependence on prescribed medicines: can we move past awareness to action in Europe?
Is the recent ban on animal testing of legal high products a fatal blow to the development of a legal market for ‘low-risk’ psychoactive products in New Zealand?
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