Opening up addiction science
Addiction and eHealth
Peer-led interventions to prevent tobacco, alcohol and/or drug use among young people aged 11–21 years: a systematic review and meta-analysis
The prevalence of compulsive buying: a meta-analysis
National estimates of Australian gambling prevalence: f indings from a dual-frame omnibus survey
Commentary on Dowling et al . (2016): Is it time to stop conducting problem gambling prevalence studies?
Problem drug use prevalence estimation revisited: heterogeneity in capture–recapture and the role of external evidence
Enforcement uniquely predicts reductions in alcohol-impaired crash fatalities
Commentary on Yao et al . (2016): Enforcement uniquely predicts reductions in alcohol-impaired crash fatalities
The contribution of education, social class and economic activity to the income–mortality association in alcohol-related and other mortality in Finland in 1988–2012
Commentary on Tarkiainen et al . (2016): Adding another piece to the puzzle of what explains socio-economic differences in alcohol-related mortality
Increasing compliance with alcohol service laws in a developing country: intervention trial in the Kingdom of Bhutan
Potential cost-effectiveness of supervised injection facilities in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada
Commentary on Enns et al. (2016): Supervised injection facilities as a cost-effective intervention
Being the victim of violence during a date predicts next-day cannabis use among female college students
Clinical risk factors for death after release from prison in Washington State: a nested case–control study
Commentary on Binswanger et al . (2016): Multiple opportunities exist to improve the health and wellbeing of people released from prisons
Reframing video gaming and internet use addiction: empirical cross-national comparison of heavy use over time and addiction scales among young users
Commentary on Baggio et al. (2016): Internet/gaming addiction is more than heavy use over time
Tobacco outlet density, retailer cigarette sales without ID checks and enforcement of underage tobacco laws: associations with youths’ cigarette smoking and beliefs
Commentary on Lipperman-Kreda et al . (2016): Robust methods with a weak outcome measure still lead to consistent conclusions—even so, it may be time for recommendations to move from traditional tobacco control strategies to a relevant endgame strategy
Nicotine delivery, retention and pharmacokinetics from various electronic cigarettes
Predictors of 10-year smoking abstinence in smokers abstinent for 1 year after treatment
A critique of Fox's industry-funded report into the drivers of anti-social behaviour in the night-time economies of Australia and New Zealand
Drug checking interventions can track the nature and size of the discrepancy between self-report and actual drugs consumed
Drug testing, accuracy and harm reduction: a response to Barratt & Ezard
Response to Bird et al .: The importance of post-release engagement in treatment in estimating impacts on post-release deaths
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