Adopting the ‘cascade of care’ framework: an opportunity to close the implementation gap in addiction care?
Considering marijuana legalization carefully: insights for other jurisdictions from analysis for Vermont
Expected lessons from the US experience with alternative cannabis policy regimes
Legal regulated markets have the potential to reduce population levels of harm associated with cannabis use
The commercial focus of US cannabis regulation models should not close our eyes to other options
Economic insights on market structure and competition
The US as an example of how not to legalize marijuana?
Should compulsive sexual behavior be considered an addiction?
Compulsive sexual behaviour as a behavioural addiction: the impact of the internet and other issues
Technological change and sexual disorder
Diagnosis of hypersexual or compulsive sexual behavior can be made using ICD-10 and DSM-5 despite rejection of this diagnosis by the American Psychiatric Association
Additional challenges and issues in classifying compulsive sexual behavior as an addiction
Searching for clarity in muddy water: future considerations for classifying compulsive sexual behavior as an addiction
Buprenorphine compared with methadone to treat pregnant women with opioid use disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis of safety in the mother, fetus and child
Zero is an important number
The comparative safety of buprenorphine versus methadone in pregnancy—what about confounding?
Response to Smith and Brogly et al. commentaries on Zedler et al.
Behavioural tasks sensitive to acute abstinence and predictive of smoking cessation success: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Finding success in failure: using latent profile analysis to examine heterogeneity in psychosocial functioning among heavy drinkers following treatment
Commentary on Wilson et al. (2016): The meaning of success in failure
Alcohol-induced place conditioning in moderate social drinkers
Developmental course of non-medical use of prescription drugs from adolescence to adulthood in the United States: national longitudinal data
Community pharmacist knowledge, attitudes and confidence regarding naloxone for overdose reversal
How does state marijuana policy affect US youth? Medical marijuana laws, marijuana use and perceived harmfulness: 1991–2014
Gambling and violence in a nationally representative sample of UK men
Estimations and predictors of non-compliance in switchers to reduced nicotine content cigarettes
Commentary on Nardone et al. (2016): Satisfaction, dissatisfaction and complicating the nicotine-reduction strategy with more nicotine
Long-term effectiveness of a combined student—parent and a student-only smoking prevention intervention among 7th grade school children in Berlin, Germany
Using Bayes factors for testing hypotheses about intervention effectiveness in addictions research
The Australian experience following plain packaging: the impact on tobacco branding
Commentary on Greenland (2016): Tobacco companies’ response to plain packaging in Australia and implications for tobacco control
The toxicology of heroin-related death: estimating survival times
Response to Ruan and colleagues concerning ‘The toxicology of heroin-related death: estimating survival times’
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