Issue Information
Alcohol marketing regulation
Alcohol marketing and youth alcohol consumption
The commercial use of digital media to market alcohol products
Industry self‐regulation of alcohol marketing
Does industry self‐regulation protect young people from exposure to alcohol marketing? A review of compliance and complaint studies
Alcohol industry self‐regulation
Alcohol marketing in the Americas and Spain during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Tournament
The marketing potential of corporate social responsibility activities
When evidence is not enough
France's Évin Law on the control of alcohol advertising
Vulnerability to alcohol‐related problems
International codes and agreements to restrict the promotion of harmful products can hold lessons for the control of alcohol marketing
Trade law and alcohol regulation
Can human rights standards help protect children and youth from the detrimental impact of alcohol beverage marketing and promotional activities?
Alcohol industry marketing strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean
Toward a public health approach to the protection of vulnerable populations from the harmful effects of alcohol marketing