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The Food and Drug Administration and varenicline : should risk communication be improved?
Which cost of alcohol? What should we compare it against?
Cost of alcohol : better data will be justified if it is put to better use
Which costs of alcohol do policymakers care about?
Counting the cost of alcohol : what you measure will shape the policy response
Counting the costs of alcohol : how useful an aid to policymaking?
The political salience of the cost of alcohol should make it a research priority
‘PrEP is not ready for our community, and our community is not ready for PrEP’ : pre‐exposure prophylaxis for HIV for people who inject drugs and limits to the HIV prevention response
Pre‐exposure prophylaxis for people who inject drugs and their sex partners
Improving the effectiveness and delivery of pre‐exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to people who inject drugs
Some PWID communities are ready for PrEP, so what's next?
Pre‐exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for people who inject drugs : reconciling community views and biomedical advances
Alcohol use disorder and divorce : evidence for a genetic correlation in a population‐based Swedish sample
Commentary on Salvatore et al. (2017) : Dyadic research can clarify non‐shared environmental influences on alcohol use disorder and divorce
Alcohol use among fatally injured victims in São Paulo, Brazil : bridging the gap between research and health services in developing countries
Alcohol consumption during adolescence is associated with reduced grey matter volumes
Concurrent polysubstance use in a longitudinal study of US youth : associations with sexual orientation
Commentary on Kecojevic et al. (2017) : Challenges in researching substance use in sexual minority populations
Fatal acute poisonings in Australian children (2003–13)
Purity, adulteration and price of drugs bought on‐line versus off‐line in the Netherlands
Commentary van der Gouwe et al. (2017) : Drug‐testing services and cryptomarkets come of age
Childhood cognitive ability and smoking initiation, relapse and cessation throughout adulthood : evidence from two British cohort studies
Commentary on Daly & Egan (2017) : Intelligence, education and addiction
Neural mechanisms underlying visual attention to health warnings on branded and plain cigarette packs
How do text‐messaging smoking cessation interventions confer benefit? A multiple mediation analysis of Text2Quit
Commentary on Hoeppner et al. (2017) : Have we overlooked the importance of feeling cared for in digital smoking cessation interventions?
Cannabis use during treatment for alcohol use disorders predicts alcohol treatment outcomes
Testing bidirectional associations among emotion regulation strategies and substance use : a daily diary study
Coverage of alcohol consumption by national surveys in South Africa
The relationship between gestational age and the severity of neonatal abstinence syndrome
Commentary on Gibson et al. (2017) : Gestational age and the severity of neonatal abstinence syndrome
The potential of neuroimaging for identifying predictors of adolescent alcohol use initiation and misuse
Non‐medical use of prescription opioids is associated with heroin initiation among US veterans
Reply to Ruan et al. (2017) : Non‐medical use of prescription opioids is associated with heroin initiation among US veterans
Drug testing in forensic mental health settings
Cannabinoid concentrations in Canada's regulated medical cannabis industry
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