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Criminalizing substance use in pregnancy : misplaced priorities
New developments and opportunities for preventing hepatitis C virus (HCV) among people who use and inject drugs—announcing an Addiction series
Understanding and learning from the diversification of cannabis supply laws
European observations on cannabis legalization
On sentinel samples, sales data and potency
Data on cannabis use now that legalization is gaining momentum
Building the data infrastructure to evaluate cannabis legalization
Modifiable parenting factors associated with adolescent alcohol misuse : a systematic review and meta‐analysis of longitudinal studies
Trajectories of risky drinking around the time of statutory retirement : a longitudinal latent class analysis
Commentary on Halonen et al. (2017) : Pondering the latent class trajectories of retiring older adults
The safety and efficacy of baclofen to reduce alcohol use in veterans with chronic hepatitis C : a randomized controlled trial
Binge drinking and family history of alcoholism are associated with an altered developmental trajectory of impulsive choice across adolescence
Substance use disorders and the risk of suicide mortality among men and women in the US Veterans Health Administration
Volatility and change in chronic pain severity predict outcomes of treatment for prescription opioid addiction
Generalizability of findings from randomized controlled trials : application to the National Institute of Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network
Working memory ability and early drug use progression as predictors of adolescent substance use disorders
The impact of TV mass media campaigns on calls to a National Quitline and the use of prescribed nicotine replacement therapy : a structural vector autoregression analysis
Large multi‐centre pilot randomized controlled trial testing a low‐cost, tailored, self‐help smoking cessation text message intervention for pregnant smokers (MiQuit)
Associations between substance use disorders and suicide or suicide attempts in people with mental illness : a Danish nation‐wide, prospective, register‐based study of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, unipolar depression or personality disorder
Commentary on Ostergaard et al. (2017) : Evidence of an association between cannabis use and suicide in subjects with bipolar disorder
Intravenous midazolam–droperidol combination, droperidol or olanzapine monotherapy for methamphetamine‐related acute agitation : subgroup analysis of a randomized controlled trial
Adjustment for survey non‐representativeness using record‐linkage : refined estimates of alcohol consumption by deprivation in Scotland
Digital phenotyping and the development and delivery of health guidelines and behaviour change interventions
Digital phenotyping and sociological perspectives in a Brave New World
Treatment and primary prevention in people who inject drugs for chronic hepatitis C infection : is elimination possible in a high‐prevalence setting?
Commentary on Gountas et al. (2017) : Time to focus on empirical evidence for HCV treatment as prevention
Modelling the impact of incarceration and prison‐based hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment on HCV transmission among people who inject drugs in Scotland
Cannabis use and crash risk in drivers
Response to Li et al. (2017) : Cannabis use and crash risk in drivers
News and Notes : Compiled by John Witton and Jean O'Reilly
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