Special Issue on Impaired Practice/Peer Assistance
Impaired Practice: Making Progress Toward Advocacy
The Historical Context of Addiction in the Nursing Profession: 1850–1982
Attitudes of Nursing Faculty Regarding Nursing Students with a Chemical Dependency: A National Survey
Nurses in Recovery: The Burden of Life Problems and Confidence to Resist Relapse
A Kaleidoscopic Review of Literature About Substance Abuse Impairment in Nursing: Progress Toward Identification of Early Risk Indicators?
An Overview of the American Nurses' Association's Action on Impaired Practice with Suggestions for Future Directions
Impaired Nursing Practice: A National Perspective on Peer Assistance in the U.S.
Australia and the United States
United Kingdom
Resource Watch
A Relapse Prevention Program for Nurses: An Interview with Linda L. Smith, ARNP, MN, CAP, CEAP
Prevalence of Alcohol and Other Drug Use and Abuse Among Nurses
Impaired Nursing Practice