Editorialm, Special Issue
The Merits and Challenges of the Transtheoretical Model
Conceptual Models and Applied Research
Building a Program of Research Based on the Transtheoretical Model
Stages of Multiple Behavior Change as a Function of Readiness for Substance Abuse Treatment Among Women at Risk
The Transtheoretical Model as a Framework for Developing Substance Abuse Interventions
Facilitating Self-Management of Substance Use Disorders with Online Counseling
Engaging Client's Family and Friends in Online Counseling
Assessing Stages of Change in DUI Offenders
INNOVATIVE ROLES Integration of Multiple Nursing Roles Using the Stages of Change Conceptual Framework
Resource Watch
Stages of Change
Dissemination of Nursing Knowledge
Gamma-Vinyl GABA in the Treatment of Methamphetamine Addiction
The Trans-Theoretical Model of Behavior Change and Substance Use Interventions
Organizational Readiness for Implementing Evidence-Based Practices
Stages of Change