Special Issue: Addiction and Spirituality
Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Addiction Education
Special Issue: Harmful Alcohol Use Across the Lifespan
Genetics and Genomics: Unraveling New Opportunities for Addiction Treatment and Education
Adolescent Performance Enhancing Substance Use: Regional Differences across the US
Hookah Use: Going Down in Smoke
Baseline Characteristics of College Freshmen Enrolled in an Alcohol Intervention Program
Beliefs and Norms Associated with Smoking Tobacco Using a Waterpipe among College Students
Adolescents and Inhalant Abuse: How Huffing Affects the Myelin Sheath
Smokeless Tobacco Use Among Operating Engineers
Stimulant Abuse and Dependence: Are Novel Treatment Approaches on the Horizon?
Ativan (Lorazepam)
An Interview with Lauren Broyles, PhD, RN, Nurse Researcher
Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care
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