Sugar-appended polyamidoamine dendrimer conjugates with cyclodextrins as cell-specific non-viral vectors

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The widespread use of various cyclodextrin (CyD)-appended polymers and polyrotaxanes as gene carriers has been reported. Among the various polyamidoamine dendrimer (dendrimer) conjugates with CyDs (CDE), the dendrimer (G3) conjugate with α-CyD having an average degree of substitution (DS) of 2.4 (α-CDE (G3, DS 2)) displayed remarkable properties as DNA carriers. In an attempt to develop cell-specific gene transfer carriers, we prepared some sugar-appended α-CDEs, e.g. mannosylated, galactosylated, and lactosylated α-CDEs. In addition, PEGylated Lac-α-CDEs (G3) were prepared and evaluated as a hepatocyte-selective and serum-resistant gene transfer carrier. Moreover, PEGylated-α-CDE/CyD polypseudorotaxane systems for novel sustained DNA release system have been developed. Interestingly, glucronylglucosyl-β-cyclodextrin (GUG-β-CyD) conjugates with dendrimer (G2) (GUG-β-CDE (G2)) had superior gene transfer activity to α-CDE (G2), expecting a development of new series of sugar-appended CDEs over α-CDEs (G2). Collectively, sugar-appended α-CDEs have the potential as novel cell-specific and safe carriers for DNA.

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