Responsive triggering systems for delivery in chronic wound healing

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Non-communicable diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neuropathy are chronic in nature. Treatment of these diseases with traditional delivery systems is limited due to lack of site-specificity, non-spatiotemporal release and insufficient doses. Numerous responsive delivery systems which respond to both physiological and external stimuli have been reported in the literature. However, effective strategies incorporating a multifactorial approach are required to control these complex wounds. This can be achieved by fabricating spatiotemporal release systems, multimodal systems or dual/multi-stimuli responsive delivery systems loaded with one or more bioactive components. Critically, these next generation stimuli responsive delivery systems that are at present not feasible are required to treat chronic wounds. This review provides a critical assessment of recent developments in the field of responsive delivery systems, highlighting their limitations and providing a perspective on how these challenges can be overcome.

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