Gastric cancer staging at isotropic MDCT including coronal and sagittal MPR images: endoscopically diagnosed early vs. advanced gastric cancer

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The aims of this study are to evaluate and compare the accuracies of isotropic multi-detector row CT (MDCT) including multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) images for preoperative staging of endoscopically diagnosed early gastric cancer (eEGC) and advanced gastric cancer (eAGC).


One hundred and five patients with endoscopically proven gastric cancer underwent isotropic MDCT. Three independent radiologists evaluated T and N staging both on transverse images only and on three orthogonal MPR images. The staging of each tumor was surgico-pathologically confirmed. The receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis and the Wilcoxon signed ranked test were used for statistical analyses.


In 30 eAGCs, the accuracies for T and N staging with MPR imaging were better than those with transverse imaging (each P < 0.05). In 34 eEGCs, however, only the accuracy of T2 or higher with MPR imaging was higher than that with transverse imaging (P < 0.05).


Isotropic MDCT with MPR images including coronal or sagittal reconstructions can improve the accuracies of preoperative T and N staging of eAGC, while having little impact on the accuracy for eEGC.

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