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The origin and definition of brite versus white and classical brown adipocytes
Is the lack of adiponectin associated with increased ER/SR stress and inflammation in the heart?
Impairment of insulin-stimulated glucose transport and ERK activation by adipocyte-specific knockout of PKC-λ produces a phenotype characterized by diminished adiposity and enhanced insulin suppression of hepatic gluconeogenesis
Energy balance-dependent regulation of ovine glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase protein isoform expression
Adiponectin and IL-6
FGF receptor antagonism does not affect adipose tissue development in nutritionally induced obesity
Gelatinase B (MMP-9) gene silencing does not affect murine preadipocyte differentiation
Novel nuances of human brown fat
The immune cell transcription factor T-bet
Two types of brown adipose tissue in humans
The p38-PGC-1α-irisin-betatrophin axis
The multifaceted role of profilin-1 in adipose tissue inflammation and glucose homeostasis
Adipose tissue oxygenation
The role of thrombospondin (TSP)-1 in obesity and diabetes