Anoint with Rare and Precious Oils
Housing Choice and Control, Housing Quality, and Control over Professional Support as Contributors to the Subjective Quality of Life and Community Adaptation of People with Severe Mental Illness
Help-seeking Behaviors of Chinese Patients with Schizophrenia Admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital
Longitudinal Assessment of Parental Satisfaction with Children's Psychiatric Hospitalization
Treatment with Antidepressant Medications in Private Health Plans
Implementing a Depression Improvement Intervention in Five Health Care Organizations:
Doing the Difficult and Dangerous:
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to Parents of Children Involved with Child Welfare:
Process and Outcome Evaluation of an Emergency Department Intervention for Persons with Mental Health Concerns Using a Population Health Approach
Reconceptualizing the Case Management Relationship in Intensive Treatment:
Leslie Alexander and Phyllis Solomon (eds):