Monte Carlo Simulations of Adsorbed Solutions in Heterogeneous Porous Materials
Microstructural Analysis of the Effects of Poly(ethylene glycol) on an Acid Catalyzed Sol-Gel Derived Ceramic Material
Adsorption and Thermogravimetric Methods for Monitoring Surface and Structural Changes in Ordered Mesoporous Silicas Induced by their Chemical Modification
On the Azeotropic Behaviour of Adsorption Systems
Adsorption Equilibrium of Binary Mixtures in Zeolites and State of Adsorbed Phase
Sorption of C6 Alkanes in Aluminophosphate Molecular Sieve, AlPO4-5
Binary Adsorption of Phenol and m-Cresol Mixtures onto a Polymeric Adsorbent
Sorption and Diffusion of SF6 in Silicalite Crystals
New Approximate Model for Nonlinear Adsorption and Concentration Dependent Surface Diffusion in a Single Particle
Effect of pH on Adsorption of Cephalosporin C by A Nonionic Polymeric Sorbent
Chromatographic Processing Scheme for Continuous Harvesting of rec-Prourokinase from Serum Free Medium Cell Cultures
Liquid Phase Separation of Polar Hydrocarbons from Light Aromatics Using Zeolites
Competitive Sorption of Copper and Nickel Ions from Aqueous Solution Using Peat
Backfill Cycle of a Layered Bed H2 PSA Process