Determination of the Kinetic and Thermodynamic Parameters of Adsorption Processes by a Volume Step Thermal Method
Influence of Traces of Water on Adsorption and Diffusion of Hydrocarbons in NaX Zeolite
Oxygen Selectivity on Partially K Exchanged Na-A Type Zeolite at Low Temperature
Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide on Chemically Modified High Surface Area Carbon-Based Adsorbents at High Temperature
Discrimination of Adsorption Kinetic Models for the Description of Hydrocarbon Adsorption in Activated Carbon
Role of Microporosity of Activated Carbons on Their Adsorption Abilities for Phenols and Dyes
Heat of Adsorption of Pure Sulfur Hexafluoride on Micro-Mesoporous Adsorbents
Review of “Adsorption Science and Technology”