The Compatibility of Compositional and Structural Features of Aluminous Large Pore Zeolites with Sorption Characteristics
Specific Sorption Sites for Nitrogen in Zeolites NaLSX and LiLSX
Short Communication
A Film-Pore-Surface Diffusion Model for the Adsorption of Acid Dyes on Activated Carbon
Enhanced Adsorption Capacity and Photo-Catalytic Oxidative Activity of Dyes in Aqueous Medium by Hydrothermally Treated Titania Pillared Clay
A Thermodynamic Analysis of Ion Adsorption in the Metal Oxide/Electrolyte Systems in which PZC and CIP do not Coincide
Effects of Feed Composition of Coke Oven Gas on a Layered Bed H2 PSA Process
Removal of H2S from Exhaust Gas by Use of Alkaline Activated Carbon