Activated Carbon Adsorption of Some Phenolic Compounds Present in Agroindustrial Wastewater
Focusing in Liquid Thermal Adsorption Systems
Equilibrium and Kinetic Modelling of Adsorption of Phosphorus on Calcined Alunite
Use of Nonlinear Frequency Response for Discriminating Adsorption Kinetics Mechanisms Resulting with Bimodal Characteristic Functions
A Kinetic Investigation of Chromium
The Adsorption of CHF3 on NaY5.6 Zeolite and Microdynamic Behaviors in Small Pores
Investigations for Modification of Polyacrylamide-Bentonite by Phytic Acid and its Usability in Fe3+, Zn2+ and UO2 2+ Adsorption
Determination of Absolute Gas Adsorption Isotherms by Combined Calorimetric and Dielectric Measurements