Benzene Adsorption Isotherms on MCM-41 and their Use for Pore Size Analysis
Sorption of Benzene in CoAlPO4-5 Molecular Sieves
Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study on the Liquid Phase Adsorption by Starchy Materials in the Alcohol-Water System
A Study on the Adsorption of Benzotriazole on Copper in Hydrochloric Acid Using the Inflection Point of the Isotherm
Thermodynamics of the Exchange Processes between K+, Ca2+ and Cr3+ in Zeolite NaA
Adsorption Behaviour of 134Cs and 22Na Ions on Tin and Titanium Ferrocyanides
Boron Removal from Aqueous Solutions by Adsorption on Waste Sepiolite and Activated Waste Sepiolite Using Full Factorial Design
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