Molecular Modeling of Adsorption in Activated Carbon
Empirical Multicomponent Equilibrium and Film-Pore Model for the Sorption of Copper, Cadmium and Zinc onto Bone Char
ZLC Response for Systems with Surface Resistance Control
Cooperative and Competitive Adsorption of Ethylene, Ethane, Nitrogen and Argon on Graphitized Carbon Black and in Slit Pores
Kinetic Study of Erbium Ion Adsorption on Activated Charcoal from Aqueous Solutions
The Influence of Heat Pre-Treatment on the Sorption of Water Vapour on Bentonite
Correlation of Adsorption Equilibrium Data for Water Vapor on F-200 Activated Alumina
Estimation of Adsorption Capacity for Dissociating and Non Dissociating Aromatic Compounds on Activated Carbon with Different Models
Removal of Phenolic and Lignin Compounds from Bleached Kraft Mill Effluent by Fly Ash and Sepiolite